Consultancy services

Currently BDB operates predominantly in the public sector but it is acknowledged that there is a growing need to provide such services to meet the demands of enterprises in the private/commercial sector.

Aims and Aspirations

Breaking Down Barriers aims to raise awareness about the importance of incorporating different strands of Diversity into the workplace and the community. The ethos of BDB is that by inspiring people from all walks of life and encouraging all types of organisations to make positive changes, we can achieve greater social cohesion leading to a more inclusive, productive and fairer society.

A company that is committed to providing meaningful Diversity Training in the workplace demonstrates to each of their employees that they are recognised and valued as a person regardless of human characteristics such as race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or religion. By inspiring employees and encouraging all types of organisations to make positive changes, we can achieve greater social harmony leading to a more inclusive, productive and fairer environment.

We appreciate that no two Companies are the exactly the same. Whether you have a handful of staff or a larger group, we can customise our courses to suit your specific workplace needs. Whatever the need – whether diversity, equal opportunities, race, education, wellbeing, or general employment training compliance matters, Breaking Down Barriers can create a dynamic and interactive programme specifically for your workplace – working within your timeframe and budget.