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Breaking Down Barriers (BDB102)   In-House Training


Course Duration: 1/2 day


Target Audience:

Staff from all teams who wish to raise their knowledge of Diversity issues.



This course will raise the delegates’ awareness of diversity. We will explore the manifestation of prejudice and discrimination against Allport’s Scale. Delegates will further explore how Allport’s relates to real life examples of inequality and diversity to help people and organisations to fully support it in the services they deliver.



  • Definition of the term ‘Diversity’
  • An outline Allport’s Scale of Discrimination
  • Applying the Allport’s Scale of Discrimination to real ‘life experiences’
  • Exploration of an individual response to discrimination



  • understanding of discrimination and the potential impact on individuals of certain types of behaviour and communication
  • Understanding of a range actions and strategies that prevent exclusion and improve inclusion in the workplace and community


Course fee per delegate:

  • In-house courses: P.O.A
  • Maximum number of delegates 16.

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