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Equality & Diversity (BDB104)    Open Course


In this course we will explore anti-discrimination legislation and identify unfair practices.


Course Duration: 1 day


Target Audience:

Staff who wish to increase their knowledge of Equality and Diversity issues within the work place.



Delegates will increase their awareness of diversity and equality issues in the workplace and seek strategies that promote equality and value diversity.



By the end of the course, delegates will able to:

  • Identify what is meant by diversity.
  • Recognize the difference between prejudice and discrimination.
  • Determine the connection between values, beliefs and behaviours.
  • Explore the legislation within the Equality Act that underpins diversity.
  • Assess the impact of discrimination on staff and the working environment.
  • Identify solutions to manage diversity issues in the workplace.
  • Assess the impact of bullying and harassment on the individuals.
  • Apply intervention strategies that promote equality and diversity in the workplace.


Course Benefits:

This course will raise the delegates’ awareness of diversity and equality issues within the workplace.


Course fee per delegate:

  • £195 Full Day
  • Voluntary sector: £145 Full Day