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Breaking Down Barriers offers a creative and interactive approach to Diversity Training that doesn’t just stay at theory level but brings practical learning and development to organisations. Our Trainers have many years of experience in the field of Diversity, equal opportunities, race, education and life long learning so we can offer a variety of courses in different formats. We offer ‘Open Courses’ which anyone can attend and are generally arranged at a venue of our choosing.
We also offer ‘In-House Training Courses’ where we come to you…
Our workshops have a high element of raising awareness and go beyond standard Diversity Training by giving practical day-to-day examples of inequalities and diversity in action to help people and organisations to fully support it in the services they deliver.


Diversity Matters
A company that is committed to providing meaningful Diversity Training in the workplace demonstrates to each of their employees that they are recognised and valued as a person regardless of human characteristics such as race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or religion.



•There is a reduced staff turnover if employees feel valued and respected and free from unfair discrimination.

•By fostering diversity in the work place you attract and retain quality staff.



• Employees are willing to expand greater effort and apply greater creativity in their jobs.

•Training helps to create a harmonious working environment with reduced stress related absence.



•Reduced complaints and costly litigation.

•You will comply with diversity legislation and promote good practice.