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Kristina has slowly lost mobility since her knees began regularly dislocating from the age of 11. By the time she was 21 osteoarthritis had set in and her capacity for walking had become greatly reduced. It was at this point she began using a wheelchair and whilst it brought her increased independence and freedom it also threw her headfirst into a world of frustration, barriers and exclusion.

Kristina shares some of the more challenging experiences she has encountered in the workplace, in her social life, and in navigating the processes, policies and decision-making of statutory organisations and service providers. She asks the following questions, “What were the barriers here?”, “Was this discrimination?” and “What could have been done differently to make this a more positive experience?”

Kristina is a former Paralympic athlete with over 15 years experience of direct work with disabled children, young people and adults. She works freelance as a trainer and consultant and her work is firmly rooted in the social model approach to disability.