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Bill first lost sight as a teenager due to a rugby accident. He lived and worked in London, but then went on to lose further sight through glaucoma and a detached retina and is now totally blind. Bill gets around with the help of his guide dog, Astra.

Bill took on the role of full time parent when the children were babies, and found that he needed much innovation, resourcefulness and a sense of humour to overcome many barriers to parenting as a blind parent. Bill has experience, as a counsellor with Relate, and as an ITC tutor teaching vision impaired people computer skills using access technology, and in teaching Braille.

Despite current disability legislation, and generally improving disability education, Bill has frequently, encountered barriers that could be overcome by simple and practical adjustments and increased awareness.

Bill visits schools, local groups and organisations to raise awareness and show others how to meet the needs of vision impaired people and make them feel accepted and valued in the community.