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Phati is a Black African woman who lives with her son and daughter in Sussex. Phati comes from Zimbabwe where she faced the bulk of living with prejudice for a period of 5 years from her then mother in law, who is of mixed heritage. Phati talks about the divide and rule effects of colonial rule which she understands was the basis of her mother in law’s prejudice / attitude.

Phati talks of Zimbabwe as a British colony and how black people got the right to buy and move in the affluent areas after Rhodesia became independent in 1980, which is when it became known ad Zimbabwe.

She moved to the UK in 1998 and now operates as a Visual Contemporary Artist/ Textile Designer. Phati now uses her art as a vehicle to break boundaries and barriers in the community and within schools The core value of Phati’s work is to promote Identity, Culture, and Diversity through integration. This process is demonstrated by her use of art as a vehicle for cultural exchange and awareness.