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Raven is a transgender woman who has experienced a number of life experiences that enable her to discuss a variety of issues from sexual abuse, racism, religious cultism, political oppression, isolation, homelessness and the meaning of identity, particularly in relation to gender identity and roles.

She grew up in a religious context after later leaving home in her early teens to live in squats with anarchists and animal rights activists. She later embraced a religious outlook in life and traveled abroad to study in Jerusalem. She searched for the secrets of life and this search eventually ended in finding the secret to her life; that was, the need to transition.

Raven has an in depth understanding of the biblical, religious and cultural narratives; as well as a good grasp of social and political history. She has a degree in sociology and political history and currently is a student social worker completing a masters level degree at the University of Sussex. Her aim is to develop a broader knowledge about social care, family law, the medical system, human development and social relationships, including a general understanding of psycho social models.