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Suchi comes from a diverse background, her mother is English of Jewish descent, her father hails from East Bengal but ended up in Kolkata. She lived in Jamaica from 1972 to 1979 and when doing her BA at Sussex University also did a year abroad at Spelman College, Atlanta, USA to give her some insight into Black History which was not available on the Curriculum at her own British University.

Suchi has been in a wheelchair for a number of years, however up until her late 20s she was a member of the “majority” being able bodied, she loved to swim and was a keen gymnast. With the onset of her disability (a spinal problem) she had to give up gymnastics but not the swimming!

Suchi works as a Hate Crime Case Worker, she has a passion for wanting to let people “know how it is” in a variety of fields, especially disability, but has no desire to bore people rigid with her views, rather she would like to “talk to” and “interact with” those who want to learn more about life in the minority.