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Meet each team member

Janet Baah – Director/Member

“Barbara’s ability to have great and unique ideas and assemble a team to successfully execute these concepts is what attracted me to her. BDB provides an alternative and unique way to challenge the issues that prevent equality and inclusion, and make progress towards it.”

Janet has a background in policy advisory, advocacy and mentoring (staff, students, volunteers) with experience in research, management, strategy and policy planning. She empowers and enlightens those who are around her and brings fresh approach and new ideas to the work we do. Janet holds a Master’s in Public Administration and a BA (Hons) in Sociology and Politics.

Janet is currently a PhD Candidate – Education, her research looks at poverty as a dimension of inequality in education in general. As a believer in people, Janet supports BDB’s ability to take risks and succeed, even in uncertain situations where there is no road map to follow.